Graphic andthree-dimensional

Graphic and

The inspiration comes from the graphic and three dimensional work and research that has been historically done on brick walls around the world.

Inspired by 3D works of art and research that have taken place around the world throughout many decades, Brickx allows you to create your own stylised vision on any external wall. Different colours, angles and large and small elements come together to let you unleash your creativity and make a space truly your own as the architect. Play with texture, contours, light and dark tones to construct a unique creation that is rooted in Mother Nature from a soft, organic and welcoming material. Make a bold or subtle statement, add colour, introduce plants, or indulge in patterns – the possibilities are endless. 

Bringing the

The idea of playing with various colors of brick and creating specific rhythms and ornamentation on exterior walls, inspired Alain to bring similar logic into our interiors, but using a softer, more welcoming material. The model comes with a small, modular element that can be added to the cavity of the panel in order to or fill up the gap or to add a color contrast.

Be the architect of your own design and fully customize how you want a space to look – big or small, patterned or plain, bold or classic. The natural look and organic appeal of Brickx can complement a wide range of design styles – from rustic, to modern. It can also blend seamlessly with other natural materials like wood, stone and metal to create harmony with any décor or furniture. 

Bringing theoutside-in


Our Brickx provides undeniable sound-reducing qualities which were tested in accordance to the ISO 11654:1997 by a certified laboratory in the Netherlands. Class E NRC 0,2.

Working together we will provide you with the best acoustic solution possible according to your space.

   Conditions of use

As a 100% natural material, each cork tile is absolutely unique. Slight color and thickness differiations may occur. After installation, in some parts, points of junction might be visible.

•  Indoor use only

•  Avoid proximity with sources of water & heat

Customization options

Cork colors

In harmony with nature

In harmony with nature

Brickx taps into a harmonic and biophilic approach to interior design and living. Sourced from renewable cork oak trees, it not only reduces carbon footprint, but also fosters calm and wellbeing through the sensory experience of biophilic design. Its acoustic, thermal and aesthetic qualities create healthier, eco-conscious living spaces, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship, well-being and being grounded in nature.