Featuring the best qualities of natural barriers

Featuring the best qualities of natural barriers

The G-Divider is a moss-covered panel contained within an oval-shaped metal frame. It’s designed to act as a space divider and is ideal for placement in large interior spaces such as open-plan offices, reception areas, conference rooms, and event halls

This slightly curved rectangular screen features moss attached to both sides. This allows for people in front and behind the G-Dividers to benefit from their sound absorbing qualities and aesthetic beauty.

for the best positioning

The framework and panel can easily be maneuvered from one position to another and creates an eye-catching natural wall when placed together with other similar dividers.

The fully preserved natural moss absorbs ambient noise and provides an attractive natural barrier between different functional spaces.  

Maneuverable,for the best positioning



Customization options

Frame Powder Coatings

Corten -
Gold -
Matte Black -
Matte Black
Matte White -
Matte White

Matte Grey -
Matte Grey
Matte Blue -
Matte Blue
Sparkling Green -
Sparkling Green
Sparkling Red -
Sparkling Red
Sparkling Burgundy -
Sparkling Burgundy


Reindeer Moss -
Reindeer Moss
Ball Moss -
Ball Moss
Forest -

Reindeer Moss Colors


Ball Moss Colors

Lush (GBM1) -
Lush (GBM1)
Wild (GBM5) -
Wild (GBM5)
Double-sidedsound absorption

sound absorption

Once placed in a corporate environment, this product help to smooth ambient noise and reduce overall sound in an interior to acceptable decibel levels.

Natural preserved mosses provide undeniable sound-reducing qualities which were tested by a certified laboratory in Belgium.