Mario Planter

Indoor-outdoor planter made from sturdy and sustainable expanded cork

Elevate your plant aesthetic

Elevate your
plant aesthetic

Based on the concept of a new simplicity, and named after the bold, large green pipes in the world-famous Mario Bros games – the Mario Planter brings durability, sleek design and versatility together. A simple, elegant geometric shape is inspired by and created from expanded cork, before being manually carved into shape. Bring nature inside with the soft and inviting hues of warm cork, which contrast beautifully with the lush green color of any plant that calls the Mario Planter its home. 

Position inside or outdoors, and enjoy the sound-absorbing properties of the Mario Planter's lightweight expandable cork structure, making it an excellent candidate for bring nature into lively office spaces. Available in a range of sizes to accommodate small plants, taller plants and trees, the simple design of the Mario Planter enables it to complement any décor, design or color scheme.    

An Earth-conscious alternative

Mario Planters are truly different in that they're made entirely of expanded cork blocks, which is also known as 'smoked cork'.

We make Mario Planters from by-products of the cork industry, using cork bark from the upper branches of the cork oak tree. Steam heating the cork granules causes them to expand and bind together naturally, so no chemicals or nasties are used in the binding process. As a result, a completely natural product that eliminates waste is produced, with natural acoustic and noise minimizing qualities.

Given their natural and green qualities, Mario Planters are safe for environments with pets and small children, as well as working office spaces. Add a planter into a lifeless corner of an office to bring it to life while adding comfort and vibrancy.

An Earth-conscious alternative



Expanded Cork

What is Expanded Cork?

The Mario Planters are made fully out of expanded cork blocks, also sometimes called smoked cork. Expanded cork is itself, in a way, a byproduct of the traditional cork industry. Expanded cork is made from the bark of the cork tree that is of too poor quality to be used for producing wine corks. It is manufactured from the cork bark of the upper branches of the cork oak tree. This bark is normally left, due to it being too thin or too inconsistent to use in traditional cork products. It is then turned into cork granules that are steam-heated, which causes the them to expand and activate the suberin, the resin in the cork, that will naturally bind them together into large blocks. Hence, no binding material needs to be added to produce expanded cork. Thanks to its open cells, expanded cork holds excellent acoustic properties.