With creativity as the only limit

With creativity as the only limit

Engage your senses with naturally harvested, eco-friendly cork tiles that have been hand-picked and expertly crafted to perfection. As the architect, you can produce patterns and shapes that shift and change as you look at your creation from a different perspective. Liven up a dull, stark wall with an inviting and inspiring piece of wall wart that captures the attention, captivates the senses and boosts productivity.

Bringing back
the bold

Designed to honor the retro wooden wall panels used in living spaces in the 1950's and 60's, large cork panels can be combined together in multiple directions to create a design that's all your own masterpiece. Combine tiles to create a criss-cross effect and a bold, imposing checkerboard pattern that provides dramatic style and luxury, while using eco-friendly materials born from natural wood bark.

Parenthese brings natural art and high fashion together, creating a unique statement in any living or working space. Enjoy being more in touch with nature with natural cork that's harvested in a tree-friendly manner. Embrace the silence that comes with its sound-absorbing properties, with no maintenance required.

Bringing backthe bold


Our Parenthese provides undeniable sound-reducing qualities which were tested in accordance to the ISO 11654:1997 by a certified laboratory in the Netherlands. Class E NRC 0,2.

Working together we will provide you with the best acoustic solution possible according to your space.

   Conditions of use

As a 100% natural material, each cork tile is absolutely unique. Slight color and thickness differiations may occur. After installation, in some parts, points of junction might be visible.

•  Indoor use only

•  Avoid proximity with sources of water & heat

Customization options

Cork colors

Natural -
Dark -
Dedicated to our planet

Dedicated to our planet

We live our best lives when we're connected to nature. Our cork panels have a low environmental impact, free of plastics and nasty chemicals. They have a long lifespan, are easily recycled, and have excellent thermal and sound-reducing properties. Harvesting cork also encourages cork oak trees to sequester even more carbon, as regrowing cork bark requires additional CO2 absorption.