Dynamic lightness of being

Dynamic lightness
of being

Ring is a visual and acoustic element suspended within an interior space. It’s a play between a full-bodied element and a hollow one – fullness and lightness – both framed within the same outer rim.

Constructed of aluminium, Ring hangs from the ceiling and can be placed above tables or in large open spaces, such as corporate lobbies. It can hang alone or as part of a series.

There are a number of different variations possibilities of the Ring design which allow you to develop contrasting elements when ordered as a group. 

Connected to
the ceiling

The design is available in two different sizes and a variety of powder coatings and preserved plant fillings.

Non-matching finishes for the metal rings are also available. Ring provides visual interest and acoustic enhancement for any interior, especially when combined with the similar Tail model. 

The moss-covered circles help to absorb ambient noise thereby reducing the overall sound of an interior. This contributes to a more peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Connected tothe ceiling

 -   SMALL



Customization options

Frame Powder Coatings

Corten -
Gold -
Matte Black -
Matte Black
Matte White -
Matte White

Matte Grey -
Matte Grey
Matte Blue -
Matte Blue
Sparkling Green -
Sparkling Green
Sparkling Red -
Sparkling Red
Sparkling Burgundy -
Sparkling Burgundy


Reindeer Moss -
Reindeer Moss
Ball Moss -
Ball Moss
Forest -

Velvet Leaf -
Velvet Leaf

Reindeer Moss Colors


Ball Moss Colors

Lush (GBM1) -
Lush (GBM1)
Wild (GBM5) -
Wild (GBM5)

Velvet Leaf Colors

Saffron -
Zest -
Wild Mint -
Wild Mint
Natural -
Absorbing ambient noise from above

Absorbing ambient noise from above

Once placed in a corporate environment, this products help to smooth ambient noise and reduce overall sound in an interior to acceptable decibel levels.

Natural preserved mosses provide undeniable sound-reducing qualities which were tested by a certified laboratory in Belgium.