Features natural colour-shifting properties

Features natural colour-shifting properties

Delight the senses with this elegant leafy wall installation made from beautiful tropical Tibouchina leaves. Native to South America, each leaf has a velvety structure that's soft and irresistible to touch.

Picked by hand and expertly assembled with dedication, patience and craftsmanship, Velvet Leaf draws the attention, with tactile appeal and a dynamic visual appearance. The leaves reflect light in such a way that they appear to change color as you move, fluctuating between light lemon green to deep emerald.

Elegant, acoustic and maintenance free

Each luxurious leaf also features deep crisscrossing veins adding a distinctive checkerboard pattern. This handmade piece of natural art is ideal if you want to add an elegant biophilic statement to just about any type of setting.

Its acoustic properties, born from the leaf textures and thick foliage density, add an ambiance of quiet and calm to busy thoroughfares and rooms.

What's more, you can enjoy all the biophilic benefits in the years to come with no maintenance at all.

Elegant, acoustic and maintenance free



Our Velvet Leaf provides undeniable sound-reducing qualities which were tested in accordance to the ISO 11654:1997 by a certified laboratory in the Netherlands. Class C NRC 0,65.

Working together we will provide you with the best acoustic solution possible according to your space.

   Life span & conditions of use

Preserved Velvet Leaf is 100% maintenance free: it does not need water, pruning nor sunlight.

It keeps its natural form, color & texture for up to 7 years, but only if used in optimal conditions:

•  Indoor use only

•  Limited direct sunlight exposure (it can handle it, but life span will not be optimal)

•  Avoid touching, folding, crushing etc.

•  Relative humidity in the room between 20% and 80%

•  Avoid proximity with water sources & heat sources